Monday, October 22, 2012

Today is the last day of my vacation :(  Honestly, I don't know where the time went...I had all these great plans to get some major quilting done and it just didn't happen! A majority of every day was dedicated to quilting and learning more about my longarm, but I just didn't get as far along on my projects as I had hoped.  I did finish the quilting on the heart and ninepatch, but the binding remains to be done.  And I did get the blue bear paws quilt loaded, the basting and outer border is done and I've started some FMQ but it's far from completed.  And I did hand sew beads on my jamaican me crazy quilt, but it still needs a lot more sewn on!  Also I've decided to quit "saving" those beautiful Cherrywood fabrics for a "special" project, they've been washed twice in Synthrapol and they're ready for the rotary! It was fun having off and being completely involved with what I love back to the real world...I work 4 night shifts next week so it is unlikely that much more will be done. Here's some pics of my progress....

I added more quilting to the white border

Here's the bear paw quilt loaded and basted.....

I drew a snowflake and moved my laser pointer to the front of the machine and quilted this in each paw

even though I've FMQ on my DSM, it seems I still sew myself into corners with my longarm!

 Ok, that's all folks!!! have a great week!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I work full time as an oncology nurse in an acute care unit at the hospital, back in August I realized summer was nearly over and I didn't have a vacation, so I picked this week and decided to go on a Sewcation!!! Day 1 and 2 I finished quilting this little heart and nine patch (I was inspired by a quilt I saw on I also went shopping and had lunch with my sister!
here it is on the longarm....

and off the longarm!!! (hard to get good pictures in the evening)...

 I've been following Leah Day for some time and have decided to quilt my UFO, a project I started back in 2001!!!!! It was for my son, who went off to boyscout camp when he was 12 years old and now if I can get it completed he can have it for his return from Americorps St Louis ERT! Hopefully I can complete it on Sewcation Day 3/4! :)  So, I was thinking about why I didn't complete this quilt, I remember going into a quilt shop to buy backing fabric, I showed the sales person the quilt and she made a personal comment of how unattractive she thought the colors were...needless to say I didn't buy backing fabric and instead I threw it into the closet, now looking at it I don't think the colors are ugly, blue was my son's favorite color...lesson learned...don't listen to people's negative ugly comments!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ok, I'm feeling totally frustrated with longarm quilting! I have worked on this little baby quilt (~60x60) for two days now and have run into more issues with thread tension than I ever remember on my DSM (even with my first sewing machine - an old Consumer!), and I keep feeling in certain spots like I'm running over a lump, like someone stuck gum on the track and I hate the way my quilt rolls off the bar (I swear it was completely square to start with!) In regards to the lumps I feel, I contacted my representative and she was able to get the HQ fusion tracks which are one long piece vs the HQ avanti tracks that are 3 pieces fitted together, it glides nice except for a few areas....yes the table is totally level, my husband is a carpenter and has done the leveling several times and yes the tracks are clean, spotless really. Anyone have any suggestions as to why this is happening? I have heard about free floating a quilt top and I'm tempted to try it---has anyone done this?  And to top it all off, this learning curve thing is pissing me off, here's pictures of a horrible feathered heart. But before I share that, let me share my current project, (just to give idea of what my abilities are)"Jamaican Me Crazy" was FMQ'd on my DSM, almost finished with the quilting except for the outer borders --I was thinking of loading this on the longarm, but after the last 2 days I'm having serious doubts as to my ability to longarm quilt :(

Ok now a picture of my disaster.....jeez!!! (this is taken from the back).  Jamaican me crazy's outer tan/cream border was stitched in one week and this little farty heart-y thing is going to take about the same amount of time! ughhh, I feel like I could've had this done already on my DSM!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

This past weekend was AQS DesMoines Quilt Show, I was honored to be chosen and amongst all those talented quilters.  Here's a picture of my quilt "Journey to the Stars".  I was inspired by Judy Mathieson's "Bristol Stars" pattern and I had it longarm quilted by Margaret Solomon Gunn ( she did spectacular! You can see her other beautiful quilts at  Anyway I was quite pleased to see my quilt hanging at the beginning of a row (so much exposure!) I met Jean Clark, what an awesome lady, she actually took 3rd for her quilt entitled "Scarlet Fever" She said this quilt took her 29 months to complete!  (I would love to post a picture of it, but I read somewhere at the show that pictures could not be posted to personal sites without owner permission, which I failed to perhaps you can see it at the AQS site). And I met Cindy Ladig and her mother Vivien, both very fun people.  Cindy's quilt was a special gift honoring her mother and fathers 50th wedding anniversary, entitled "Golden Anniversary" which by the way she took Viewers Choice for at the 2011 NQS Show.  I told her to make another great quilt so she and I could go kick up our heels at Houston!..  :)

This next quilt I feel safe in posting since it is shown on the AQS website, it's Eureka! and what a gorgeous quilt, great color movement, wonderfully quilted and sparkled with crystals everywhere! A very inspiring quilt. (this picture just doesn't do it justice)  It won Best of Show, by Marilyn Badger of Saint George, UT

Sunday, October 7, 2012

So, I'm not quite sure why I started this blog, because every time I think about posting I also think I could be quilting.  But I really want to share my experiences in quilting.  I have been quilting for 20 years and as I stated to an acquaintance "I'm a closet quilter"...I have been self taught (I started watching Eleanor Burns on PBS) I do not belong to a quilt guild or have any quilty friends...But now I have purchased a HandiQuilter Avanti I really want to share and learn with others.  Hope you'll join me!

So here's a picture of my machine getting set up (back in August!).  Then within 2 days I had two T-shirt quilts completed, no big deal just trying to get the feel of my machine. 

WHAT FUN!!!! :)


Then my son and his girlfriend decided to make their friend a baby quilt, it was cute to start out then they did an E2E panto and it was awesome! I'm more of a freemotion quilter but I have to admit this turned out adorable!

This past week-end I went to DesMoines IA for the AQS show, and although my quilt did not place I had a great time and met some very fun people! I started my morning with a swim and hot tub soak in the hotel, ate breakfast, showered and thought...hmmm, I'm on vacation really sooooo....let the wine begin! 10:00 not too early, really, so after 2 or 3 glasses of wine, off to the show I went (of course my husband drove me! :)  And I had a GREAT time! Everything was beautiful! the show was actually quite big, beside the AQS show there was the DesMoines area quilters guild show and Stitch Like an Egyptian! Awesome!! So I'll post some of these pictures later!