So, I'm not quite sure why I started this blog, because every time I think about posting I also think I could be quilting.  But I really want to share my experiences in quilting.  I have been quilting for 20 years and as I stated to an acquaintance "I'm a closet quilter"...I have been self taught (I started watching Eleanor Burns on PBS) I do not belong to a quilt guild or have any quilty friends...But now I have purchased a HandiQuilter Avanti I really want to share and learn with others.  Hope you'll join me!

So here's a picture of my machine getting set up (back in August!).  Then within 2 days I had two T-shirt quilts completed, no big deal just trying to get the feel of my machine. 

WHAT FUN!!!! :)


Then my son and his girlfriend decided to make their friend a baby quilt, it was cute to start out then they did an E2E panto and it was awesome! I'm more of a freemotion quilter but I have to admit this turned out adorable!

This past week-end I went to DesMoines IA for the AQS show, and although my quilt did not place I had a great time and met some very fun people! I started my morning with a swim and hot tub soak in the hotel, ate breakfast, showered and thought...hmmm, I'm on vacation really sooooo....let the wine begin! 10:00 not too early, really, so after 2 or 3 glasses of wine, off to the show I went (of course my husband drove me! :)  And I had a GREAT time! Everything was beautiful! the show was actually quite big, beside the AQS show there was the DesMoines area quilters guild show and Stitch Like an Egyptian! Awesome!! So I'll post some of these pictures later!