Ok, I'm feeling totally frustrated with longarm quilting! I have worked on this little baby quilt (~60x60) for two days now and have run into more issues with thread tension than I ever remember on my DSM (even with my first sewing machine - an old Consumer!), and I keep feeling in certain spots like I'm running over a lump, like someone stuck gum on the track and I hate the way my quilt rolls off the bar (I swear it was completely square to start with!) In regards to the lumps I feel, I contacted my representative and she was able to get the HQ fusion tracks which are one long piece vs the HQ avanti tracks that are 3 pieces fitted together, it glides nice except for a few areas....yes the table is totally level, my husband is a carpenter and has done the leveling several times and yes the tracks are clean, spotless really. Anyone have any suggestions as to why this is happening? I have heard about free floating a quilt top and I'm tempted to try it---has anyone done this?  And to top it all off, this learning curve thing is pissing me off, here's pictures of a horrible feathered heart. But before I share that, let me share my current project, (just to give idea of what my abilities are)"Jamaican Me Crazy" was FMQ'd on my DSM, almost finished with the quilting except for the outer borders --I was thinking of loading this on the longarm, but after the last 2 days I'm having serious doubts as to my ability to longarm quilt :(

Ok now a picture of my disaster.....jeez!!! (this is taken from the back).  Jamaican me crazy's outer tan/cream border was stitched in one week and this little farty heart-y thing is going to take about the same amount of time! ughhh, I feel like I could've had this done already on my DSM!!