Today is the last day of my vacation :(  Honestly, I don't know where the time went...I had all these great plans to get some major quilting done and it just didn't happen! A majority of every day was dedicated to quilting and learning more about my longarm, but I just didn't get as far along on my projects as I had hoped.  I did finish the quilting on the heart and ninepatch, but the binding remains to be done.  And I did get the blue bear paws quilt loaded, the basting and outer border is done and I've started some FMQ but it's far from completed.  And I did hand sew beads on my jamaican me crazy quilt, but it still needs a lot more sewn on!  Also I've decided to quit "saving" those beautiful Cherrywood fabrics for a "special" project, they've been washed twice in Synthrapol and they're ready for the rotary! It was fun having off and being completely involved with what I love back to the real world...I work 4 night shifts next week so it is unlikely that much more will be done. Here's some pics of my progress....

I added more quilting to the white border

Here's the bear paw quilt loaded and basted.....

I drew a snowflake and moved my laser pointer to the front of the machine and quilted this in each paw

even though I've FMQ on my DSM, it seems I still sew myself into corners with my longarm!

 Ok, that's all folks!!! have a great week!