Longarm Quilting Services

Longarm Quilting Services

Prices are based on square inches. 

To determine the square inches in your quilt, multiply the length x width.  (For example if your quilt measures 70" x 90", the total square inches is 6300")  Multiply your quilt measurement by the price in square inches to get the total price for quilting.

Quilting Fees
Pantograph:  $0.025  sq inch
Pantograph with separate border design:  $0.03 sq inch
Freehand E2E: $0.025 - $0.0375 sq inch

Custom: $0.04 - $0.10+ sq inch.  Pricing determined by complexity. All custom quilting is hand guided free motion, no computerized designs. (Individual block design, complex stitching, SID, crosshatching, feathers, background fills, multiple borders, use of stencils)

Hobbs 80/20
     Twin   20.00
     Queen 25.00
      King   35.00 

I will gladly use quality batting that you provide!


$5.00 fee for each thread. $7.00 for specialty threads.  $1.50 for prewound bobbins

Minimum $50.00.  
A 50% deposit is required on orders over $100.00.   

(All prices subject to change without notice)

Quilt Top Preparation

*Make sure your quilt top is well pressed and seams are flattened.

*Please Trim all hanging threads from the back and edge.  These threads will show through the light areas of the quilt. 

*Quilting does not correct piecing problems.  If there is fullness in the center or wavy borders you may wind up with pleats or puckers.  I will do my best to correct these problems during quilting, however I can not guarantee all these will work out.

To avoid wavy borders and pleats you need to make your quilt fit the borders. To do this measure through the top, center and bottom of the quilt and find the average measurement, cut your borders to that length.  This may require you to ease the quilt to fit the borders, but  it will ensure a squared quilt top. 

*Identify the top of your quilt and backing with a safety pin if it has a directional print.
Preparing the Backing for Machine Quilting

*The backing must be at least eight (8) inches larger in length and width than the top, but should not be more than ten inches larger in length and width.  Please press the backing fabric. Please remove the selvege edges from the backing.  If they are not removed, it will cause puckering and possible pleating in the material.
If you must piece your backing fabric, please use a half inch seam to piece the backing.  Press the seam open. It is important this seam runs parallel to longarm table.  
The backing must be squared up.  

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