Monday, June 29, 2015

Cheryl's Quilt

My sister is my best friend, she is the most caring person I know.  And that's why I decided to make her a quilt :) 

Actually, I've always wanted to try a one block wonder and purchased the fabric with that intent.  However, once the hexagon blocks were together I quickly realized the fabric I chose did not have enough color to keep a clear separation of new plan....and this is the outcome...

You can see each individual block design~ The original fabric is seen in the white/floral border.  Although this wasn't the initial plan, I like how it turned out. 
Size 90x100, Hobbs 80/20.  So Fine and Glide thread.

 I've had this fabric for quite a while so it's no surprise for my next issue...not enough border fabric, and of course, none to be found!!!!   Getting creative I made my own "corners"!  Fused fabric flowers on black background fabric quilted with gold Glide thread

 Great quilting texture!

And now the back~ you can see the piano key quilting!
That's all! thanks for stopping by! and have a good week :)

Star Sapphire (aka Winter Star) is Finished!

It has come to my attention I never shared the completed photos of Winter Star.  This quilt was made for my niece in celebration of her marriage.  On a whim, I entered it into the Prairie Heritage Quilt Show and surprise, surprise! it took 2nd place with Founders Choice!  I asked my niece to meet me at the show and presented the quilt to her.  She loved it!

Quilted with SoFine, Magnifico and Glide thread, 2 layers batting: hobbs 80/20 and wool.
And for those so inclined, this is actually a kit from Jinny Beyer available for purchase.  I took me longer to piece it together than it did to quilt it!

It's not clearly seen, but gold glide thread was used to outline each of the golden scroll shapes in the larger borders.  Makes it stand out a bit more and adds a wonderful gold shine.

 My fancy beaded quilt label!  :)

 And now the favorite part as it shows all the quilty goodness!

Friday, June 12, 2015

We have a Winner! Black and White Skully Challenge

OMG! I can't believe Michelle and I won!!! How exciting! This was Michelle's first real sewing project and to have it take a winning spot is awesome!

I'm amazed at the 20 year olds who have no idea how to sew, let alone stitch a seam or button! There have been several articles written on how to get younger women involved in arts/crafting and when the Black and White Skully challenge appeared it fit the bill perfectly! My niece, Michelle, is 23 years old and this is the first time she has ever worked on a sewing project :)  When I told her we won, she was so excited and already knew what she wanted to make with the fabric winnings! 

Thank you Maddie from BadAss Quilters Society for hosting this challenge! check it out at: