Cheryl's Quilt

My sister is my best friend, she is the most caring person I know.  And that's why I decided to make her a quilt :) 

Actually, I've always wanted to try a one block wonder and purchased the fabric with that intent.  However, once the hexagon blocks were together I quickly realized the fabric I chose did not have enough color to keep a clear separation of new plan....and this is the outcome...

You can see each individual block design~ The original fabric is seen in the white/floral border.  Although this wasn't the initial plan, I like how it turned out. 
Size 90x100, Hobbs 80/20.  So Fine and Glide thread.

 I've had this fabric for quite a while so it's no surprise for my next issue...not enough border fabric, and of course, none to be found!!!!   Getting creative I made my own "corners"!  Fused fabric flowers on black background fabric quilted with gold Glide thread

 Great quilting texture!

And now the back~ you can see the piano key quilting!
That's all! thanks for stopping by! and have a good week :)


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