Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pity....Paducah AQS starts today....

I'm feeling depressed, a pity-party actually this morning...Paducah Quilt show is starting today.  The Quilt Art Engagement Calendar 2014 is being released with an autograph signing party on the 2nd floor hallway on today at 5-6:30pm. How do I know this?? Because my quilt, Journey to the Stars was chosen and photographed for this calendar.  I just couldn't manage to get off work to be there.  So, if any of you are at the show, stop by, and let me know how it all turned out.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Prairie Heritage Quilt Show 2013

This past week was the Sun Prairie Heritage Quilt Show, I've always loved this little show, it often gives insight to the quilts that will later be seen in the Wisconsin Quilt Expo and for me it signals springtime.  There were so many beautiful quilts this year, we definitely have very talented people in our area.  Much to my surprise, Jamaican Me Crazy took an Honorable Mention Ribbon! :)  Didn't expect that at all!  This little nightmare has sooooo many flaws it's ridiculous, but as I look at it right now, I still really like it and can't wait to hang it on the wall! Seriously, these are the LAST pictures of Jamaican Me Crazy!

and the back....

Friday, April 5, 2013

Jamaican Me Crazy - Center Up Close!

I know I've posted sooo many pictures of this quilt, but just a few more... I was playing around with the macro settings on my camera and took a few shots of Jamaican Me Crazy close ups.  It's now at the Sun Prairie Heritage Quilt Show, which is April 7-9, so you won't have to endure this quilt too much longer!  This quilt has been fun to do, not really a "winning" quilt due to all it's problems, so this will probably be the only show it will see.  Anyway.... the center of the quilt was texture magic and beads on the front and the back secure the layers together. And my label, looked a little plain, so I used bugle and seed beads around it, much better.  So head on over to the website and check out this year's winners...and if you hurry you may also see last year's winners (one of which was Me! and Journey to the Stars)


Front Close up (um, a little out of focus)
 Back Close up (better!)

 Label Close up (ugh, again fuzzy)

I'll have to continue to practice! and maybe read my camera manual :(