Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bridal Fans - Update

Great news for this little lovely! Taking a Merit Award in the Lodi Quilt Show! Congrats!

Here's a customer quilt I recently completed.  It is constructed from bridal/bridesmaids satins.  ~45x80" Superior threads; Magnifico, Fantastico and Bottom Line, single layer poly batting supplied by the customer.  I provided several hand guided free motion design examples and this is what she chose...I think it turned out pretty.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Panel Quilt and Faux Fur Bear Rug

Just a couple of cute and quick things I did for my grandson's play room.  I often overlook panels but they can be so adorable and they're great as comfort quilts.  The bear rug was a pinterest success story.  I just drew out a bear shape on faux fur and glued it down to craft felt.  The ears, nose and button eyes made him come to life! :)  The bear rug cost under $30, the panel, border fabric and backing cost ~$50.