Friday, February 15, 2013

Labyrinth completed!

Yay!!!! I finally finished quilting the labyrinth quilt! whew! I think it turned out nicely, of course there are always little problem spots, but now that it's off the rack those areas are out of mind so therefore out of sight! I was thinking of sewing the binding on while it was still on the LA rack, but there's a little wavy-ness I wanted to take care of before I attached it, so...the quilt still needs to be squared, submerged, blocked and bound yet...aghhhh...I won't think of that now---for today, lets just look at the pictures!!! :)

coming off the rack!!!!  This quilt measures ~95x95, quilted with 2 batts, Hobbs wool and Hobbs 80/20. Quilted with Quilter's Choice (which is not really "my choice", very linty, but I got a boatload of this stuff when I purchased my machine, $750.00 dollars worth of it actually, thought I'd better start using it!)

I really like the C-feathers :)

Flannel backing, of course the camera doesn't really pick up the quilting that well, but it is pretty....

Thanks for looking!!! Now that this is done, I Really! need to start back up on Jamaican me Crazy! which really is making me crazy.

Also, the Sun Prairie quilt show deadline is coming up... March 1st. Not sure I'll have an entry for this year..but if you want to see my Journey to the Stars quilt, hop on over to their web page...