Thursday, April 30, 2015

Firefighters T shirt Quilt

Gauging from my last post, it appears I've been MIA (missing in action)!!!  I've been working on a few quilting projects but the largest project has been my professional nursing career.  The hospital facility where I work decided on merging IMCU with Oncology.  Which changes the nursing pathway from acute care to critical care, meaning ALOT of additional education! Between working, attending classes and studying there really has been NO time for anything else.  And, as if this wasn't enough, it has challenged me to look at where I want to be in my career.  I love oncology, I love the patients, their families, rejoicing and sharing laughs in good times and helping them die with dignity when the time arrives.  IMCU is totally different nursing, it's adding nursing interventions, not taking away as is usually the case in oncology.  The patient population is different as well, CVAs (strokes), neurological disorders (brain injuries, seizures) and alcohol detoxing (probably my least favorite) in the midst of change I am also searching for a different job....whew.  But I know this isn't why you have so graciously visited this site and I'll make it up to you with a few quilt pictures! :)

This is a Firefighters tshirt quilt I was commissioned to make.  He has a variety of different fire dept organizations, which makes it very interesting.  (It needs binding to be completely finished!) Pantograph quilted.

I also have pictures of my niece's quilt, "Winter Star" to share with you all, but my camera batteries died! so that will be upcoming!
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Friday, April 10, 2015

modern quilt

Just finished up a customer's modern quilt.  I so struggle with modern quilts and quilting.  I tried to keep things "modern" but just couldn't resist a few feathers! The quilting design was extended through to the blue border and there are quilted feather vines on 2 opposite corners of the quilt.   It was HUGE at 90x106".  Quilted with Glide cream, Fantastico variegated, and magnifico blue.  Hobbs 80/20.  (Funny how I looked at this quilt trying to find a design and now when looking at this picture all I see are circles!)

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Metro Medallion quilt

I've recently completed my Metro Medallion quilt (pattern by Sew Kind of Wonderful) and I think it turned out awesome!! This quilt is intended for my son, Steven, for his birthday at the end of this month.  Last fire season when he was stationed in Taos, New Mexico he bought several original, hand-crafted batik fabric fat quarters and gave them to me for my birthday.  They are beautiful and I wanted to showcase them rather than cut them up so I chose the metro medallion pattern which really allows them to shine! Enjoy!
Hobbs 80/20 batting.  Threads: Magnifico and SoFine by Superior 

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Diamonds eye

My son Westin made this quilt as a Christmas gift. He bought fabric and pieced it yesterday then quilted it using a pantograph pattern today!  He insisted on a double poly batt and it is Poufy!! Holy cow! Talk about a quilt in a day!!..Great job Westin! !

Monday, November 24, 2014

Baby quilt using Tube quilt technique

This is a cute little quilt that I pieced sometime last year truly believing my co-worker was going to have a baby girl, instead she had an adorable little boy!  I made another tube quilt in "boy" colors and kept this one.  Anyway, I dedicated some time to finish up my own quilts this month and this one was first up...
Size 46x60", Hobbs 80/20 single layer, Magnifico white thread from

Since my plan for this quilt would be a "comfort" quilt with use and repeated washings, I decided to play....No Worries, if the stitching was a little "off" No Stress, if I decided to change up designs mid-quilt, No Problem!
Sometimes you just have to PLAY with your quilting and remember it can be FUN!! 

This is the result...  (sorry for crappy phone pictures but you get the idea!)

If any of you have pieced a quilt using the "tube" technique you know you get all the end cuts, I hate waste, so I pieced these together and used them at the top of the quilt.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week! :)  Sue

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Paper Whites Quilt

I've recently finished quilting this lovely quilt, Paper Whites.  An appliqued red and white quilt, ~55x55".  Threads used, So Fine (#402 and 403) and King Tut Amish Red by Superior Threads.  Batting: 1 layer Hobbs 80/20.  The applique was outline stitched, which was slow going because any deviation from the red flowers was immediately seen in the cream background! Curling feathers in the border.  Circular medallion in the center with feathers, crosshatching and microstipping and dense swirling fill.  Stitch count 240,787.  I've often read of other longarmers becoming attached to the quilts they are working on and I'm beginning to understand that attachment.  I would love to display this quilt in my home...but I also understand the wait and anticipation the quilt maker is feeling, so I'll be sending this out in the mail in the next few days.  Enjoy the pictures.