Sally's Flowers

Look at Sally's beautiful quilt!  She started this over 40 years ago and decided it was time to be finished.  She updated the floral center, but the rest of the fabrics appear timeless.  She wanted an asymmetrical quilting design.  So the opposing cream corners have been quilted differently.  The 1" squares in the borders have swirly feathers and flowers quilted in them.  The blue center border was quilted with a rope design and the salmon border has simple ribbon candy.  The flower pot center was adhered but not stitched so light thread painting was used to secure the fabric.    

Lots of photos! Enjoy.  I was hoping this beauty would make it to quilt shows this year, but alas...covid took that possibility away.

the 1" inch squares in the border required stitch in the ditch to keep them from shifting during quilting, you can see this in the photo below.  I don't think it is distracting from the overall quilting design

Look closely to see the thread painting on the center flowers, several coordinating threads were used

Ahhh, the back! It shows off the quilting so nicely!

I think I've captured all sides of this beautiful quilt!
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