Spring Bouquet

Yay! Its the first of the month and I have highspeed internet! So now is the time to get all these great quilt photos posted!

This is Leslie's Spring Bouquet quilt.  She does beautiful work and her applique is stunning! The colors, the fussy cuts, the little birds, butterflies, bees! the workmanship are spectacular. 

She wanted free motion quilting with stitching around the appliques.  Her backing fabric was a watercolor like print with flowers and amazingly appeared to match the front applique flowers in feel and color.  The problem was the backing had these reddish/pink flowers which were visible through to the front.  Using a hobbs 80/20 white just wasn't covering it.  I suggested wool, but this did lend a slightly yellow color to the top bright white background.  Leslie had heard of a heavier batting, Quilters Dream Deluxe.  I found this in a local quilt shop and used it as the bottom layer with the hobbs 80/20 on top.  It worked! No more "bleeding through" on the color.  It did make it stiffer but Leslie knew she would be using it strictly as a wall hanging so it didnt matter. 

And now....photos! 😀

This quilt was ~ 72x72" and I just couldn't get a good full shot photo, hanging it over the deck as close to a full shot as I could capture.  
But continue looking, because the close up shots are amazing!

These next few shots were taken as a work in progress

It's hard to tell from the photos, but the center bouquet and the 4 outer corners were stitched in a very pale green color thread, the rest was stitched in snow white color thread

 I just love the center! No wait.... I just love the entire quilt!

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