Star Storm Mini

Hi all! Blue Bar Quilts asked me quilt up Star Storm Mini for a class they will be teaching Feb 2 and 3rd...and here it is! 40x40" size, threads used were Isacord and Glide in multiple colors with a single layer of wool batting.  This is a great quilt to showcase quilting designs, I tried to keep the quilting designs "modern" but had to sneak in some feathers...ya know a girl's just gotta have some fun!

 This is a Victoria Findlay Wolfe pattern and is available at


and the back! 
(the photo color is funky, believe me that blue is striking!)

This photo shows the truer colors

Here's a pretty shot in the sunlight

Look at all that texture!  I'm partial to the back! :)

and a parting photo of the front!

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