A Halo for Sue - A Tribute to Sue Garman

Here's a sneak peak at my quilt, A Halo for Sue - A tribute to Sue Garman.  Inspired by her "Halo Medallion Quilt" . Measuring 95x95", with 2 battings; wool and 80/20.  What was the stitch count you ask? Why it was....752,200.  (Wow! I did not know that until writing this post)  This beauty now rests in the hands of the Wisconsin Quilt Expo judges and will be making it's debut in the show from Sept 7-9, 2017.

So I did a crazy thing...I entered this quilt into the expo show when it wasn't finished! Oh yeah, not even close to being done, it was merely a flimsy top, waving in the breeze as I tried to capture a picture for the entry form. It hadn't even been placed on the longarm quilting tracks when I received the acceptance letter from the show, "Congratulations!, your quilt has been accepted into the contest at Quilt Expo!" and the instructions to "ship your quilt now to arrive by August 24". The pressure was ON, to get it completed.  I had 12 days to quilt it, bind it and sew on a sleeve and label, whew! I will Never... NEVER do that Again.

It was a rush job for sure, there was no time to properly block it and I hope all the threads were clipped and the blue ink was wiped away.  

Despite all of this, I love how it turned out.  As I said earlier, this was made as a tribute to Sue Garman.  I did think of her frequently during the construction, mostly what a flippin' math-magician she was to figure this out! RIP 1/2017


More pictures to come after the show!
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  1. That is absolutely stunning Sue! Your quilting is so darn good!!!! :)


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