wholecloth play

I picked up pencil and paper to create a challenging quilting design and came up with this

which I then transferred to a poly sateen with chalk pencil

and began to stitch, using a 60wt thread and a few rulers, here's the progress....

and some more...

Is it perfect? heck no!!! there's bobbles and wobbles in the stitching lines and the grid work is definitely not exact...but I love it!


  1. WOW this is awesome. Wonderful design and although you say it is not perfect that I'm sure we would have to look hard to find the wobbles.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! You should love it with no complaints, it's beautiful.

  3. Beautiful!! I am just in the process of transferring my design from paper to fabric for a small whole cloth. You say you used a chalk pencil - did you do that with a light table? Thanks for sharing these photos - Bev


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