Madison College Gallery Meet the Artists Night

Last night I went to the Madison College Gallery Quilt exhibit "meet the artists" and it was wonderful!  Getting to talk to quilt-makers about their quilts, what inspired them, other ideas they have, sharing common problems and of course having the time to stand back and truly appreciate the intricacies of the quilt piece itself.  And then it occurred to me, when I attend a "quilt show" I spend less than 1 minute looking at a quilt and then moving onto the next (unless it's over the top! or a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place and I might spend 2 or 3 minutes)  But at an exhibit there is so much more time to look, understand and appreciate.  If you ever have an opportunity to share your work in a similar venue it is well worth it!

My quilt, Science Fair (pattern by jaybird quilts) can be seen in the window (left of the pillar)

The front of the quilt was nicely displayed in the window, so inside the gallery, the back side of the quilt could be seen.  Seriously, had I known the back would be viewed I would have taken more time on the sleeve! 

The lighting was spectacular and the quilting showed beautifully!  hand-guided free motion quilted :)

Thanks for stopping by! have a great day!