A Tale of Two Tshirt Quilts

Last year in October my sister's husband tragically died in a deer hunting accident.  He was only 51, far to early to leave this world.  My sister has courageously and graciously endured this hardship.  Recently she had started to sort through some of his belongings and I mentioned perhaps his two daughters would like a quilt from his tshirts.  Initially, she had dismissed that idea, but within a day changed her mind and brought me a few of his tshirts.  There were only 7 or 8 of them and I needed to produce 2 quilts, thankfully some were printed on both the front and back.  Still I needed to include some blocks, a few flying geese and the sashing borders.  I printed a picture from his wedding day to my sister on computer fabric which serves as the center block.  As you can see both quilts are amazingly similar.  I apologize for these horrible cell phone photos, but I was very rushed in getting these done and delivered to her as they will be Christmas presents to his girls.  The backing is minky and does not photograph well, but the texture is soft and comforting.

The 4 cornerstones on both quilts contain the shirt he was wearing on that fateful day.  During the construction of these quilts I felt his presence very much and his approval.  I am honored to have been a part of his life story.

While there is nothing "show worthy" or "spectacular" in these quilts, they are masterpieces in their own right and I feel very close them and the man they represent.  I know his daughters will to.