Badass Quilter's Society black and white skully challenge

The Badass Quilters Society is hosting a challenge using black and white skull fabric.  Only 38 entries! and I was lucky enough to become one of those few!  My niece, Michelle and I decided to make a cool raven and moon applique quilt using the challenge fabric and lumiere paint for the moon and sky, freemotion quilted, 31" x 42" and completed just in time. 
Please visit black and white skully challenge to vote for your favorite quilt from June 1 to 5th...and Now Introducing.....

The Badass Quilter

Black and White Skully Challenge 2015

Collaborative Quilt by

Susan Lawson and Michelle Winter

Inspired by AmyLyn Bihrle's 2009

"Watchful Eye of the Cemetery Warden" 
(Permission obtained and thank you very much AmyLyn!)


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