Firefighters T shirt Quilt

Gauging from my last post, it appears I've been MIA (missing in action)!!!  I've been working on a few quilting projects but the largest project has been my professional nursing career.  The hospital facility where I work decided on merging IMCU with Oncology.  Which changes the nursing pathway from acute care to critical care, meaning ALOT of additional education! Between working, attending classes and studying there really has been NO time for anything else.  And, as if this wasn't enough, it has challenged me to look at where I want to be in my career.  I love oncology, I love the patients, their families, rejoicing and sharing laughs in good times and helping them die with dignity when the time arrives.  IMCU is totally different nursing, it's adding nursing interventions, not taking away as is usually the case in oncology.  The patient population is different as well, CVAs (strokes), neurological disorders (brain injuries, seizures) and alcohol detoxing (probably my least favorite) in the midst of change I am also searching for a different job....whew.  But I know this isn't why you have so graciously visited this site and I'll make it up to you with a few quilt pictures! :)

This is a Firefighters tshirt quilt I was commissioned to make.  He has a variety of different fire dept organizations, which makes it very interesting.  (It needs binding to be completely finished!) Pantograph quilted.

I also have pictures of my niece's quilt, "Winter Star" to share with you all, but my camera batteries died! so that will be upcoming!
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