Baby quilt using Tube quilt technique

This is a cute little quilt that I pieced sometime last year truly believing my co-worker was going to have a baby girl, instead she had an adorable little boy!  I made another tube quilt in "boy" colors and kept this one.  Anyway, I dedicated some time to finish up my own quilts this month and this one was first up...
Size 46x60", Hobbs 80/20 single layer, Magnifico white thread from

Since my plan for this quilt would be a "comfort" quilt with use and repeated washings, I decided to play....No Worries, if the stitching was a little "off" No Stress, if I decided to change up designs mid-quilt, No Problem!
Sometimes you just have to PLAY with your quilting and remember it can be FUN!! 

This is the result...  (sorry for crappy phone pictures but you get the idea!)

If any of you have pieced a quilt using the "tube" technique you know you get all the end cuts, I hate waste, so I pieced these together and used them at the top of the quilt.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week! :)  Sue


  1. Wow! Love how it turned out....."playing" with the quilting adds amazing personality!


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