Spring Bouquets take 2 Finish!!

I realize my blog posts have been sparse over the past few months.  Unfortunately, I have had some health concerns arise which made it impossible to quilt, sew or blog about anything.  I'm feeling better and have slowly returned to nearly "life as usual".  Not yet 100% but working towards that goal of health.  Anyway, during all this I had in my possession a beautiful Spring Bouquets quilt.  The customer has been incredibly patient with me as I have had her quilt for nearly 4 months!  I tried working it on several times but was too sick and couldn't quilt for more than 15 minutes.  So essentially it sat on the rack waiting.  Little by little it has progressed until finally it has been completed and I think it turned out gorgeous!  For those of you who want to know...the threads used were monofilament for SID around all the appliques and two colors of  SoFine.  It has a double batting, wool and hobbs 80/20.  Total stitch count 465,080.  get ready for pictures.....

Quilting in progress...

The design idea is somewhat a stretch of imagination but it goes something like this...since this appears to be a garden quilt I thought was does a garden need or have? The sun with rays and a feathery vine in the center block, the straight line quilting represents a fence and the corner blocks outside the "fenced area" with a feathery mess representing weeds and in some pictures you can see the "weeds" have crept inside under the fence and are moving toward the center.  Whoa!!  My respiratory illness left me hypoxic and this is what my crazed brain was thinking!!!

 Unrolling off rack...

 My husband made me these nice poles for quilt display photos.... now if I could learn how to take a good picture!

and the back!  it's hard to capture in a photo, trying to create shadows to really show the quilting but trust me....it's lovely!

thanks for stopping by and have a good day!


  1. Lovely! Happy to hear you are feeling better.

  2. Glad to hear you are better, takes longer to get over something than we think. This is absolutely beautiful. Just love the secondary design (I don't know what else to call it) you quilted. Now I really want to make this quilt. Okay to Pin?


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