Star Sampler

I recently completed this Star Sampler quilt for a client.  It measures ~96x96, single layer wool batting, several types of thread were used; Quilters Choice, variegated King Tut, Magnifico, So Fine, Aurifil, and the bottom line (Superior Threads). The quilt appeared to be dominated by the dark maroon/red areas which proved to be great spaces for some unique quilting.  And this was a booger of a quilt to complete!  I had issues with directional tension on this (one of the reasons why so many different threads were used) that sent me calling Superior Threads, my HQ representative, lots of ripping out and cursing.  I felt like I literally spent just as much time looking at the bottom of this quilt as I did the top! So it's nothing short of a miracle to be completed! sharing my joy!!!!

As always I posted tons of pictures! (btw, is that poor etiquette?)

So here it is before quilting....
The blue "corners" of the quilt... I think these were my favorite part, the fabric with the variegated King tut seemed to sparkle.

these sampler blocks drained my brain....trying to figure out what would look good in each different one!

and I really don't know what I was doing here, playing mostly, using my new ruler, Quilter's Groove 1/16" (from Lisa Calle).

So an interesting thing happened with the center, as I was sewing this "flower" and coming back to the pieced center, it kept separating the fabric pieces. I appliqued a circle into the center and Voila! looks nice.  And while this is eh,eh, so-so of a design, I really don't like the puffiness and would do something different next time, like maybe bringing the crosshatching all the out...ah well, live and learn

I did like the outer border! :)
 Yay!! Done and unrolling off the rack!
 And the back!

Ta-Da! The center star.  I matched the circle applique fabric in the center and also appliqued center circles to the outer 4 squares so it looked like an intentional design

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  1. This is just drop dead gorgeous!! Everything about this quilt is just amazing, your quilting really brings it to life. I sure hope your client was happy with your work, I don't think clients realise how many hours or thought goes into a stunning quilt like this! Bravo!!!!

  2. Really, really, REALLY beautiful quilting! Honestly, the textures you've created with your designs are just gorgeous. You have one very lucky client!

  3. Oh WOW - so love your quilting...I am only just at the stage of wondering how you do those lovely designs on the longarm...when you have to stop 'halfway' for the length of the machine...for a particular design. Your work is stunning!

  4. you are doing fabulous work Susan!!!!

  5. Your quilting is gorgeous!!! Sorry to hear about all the tension issues. I so hope your customer appreciates all the hard work you have put into this amazing quilt. You have a great post showing all your issues and how you fixed them. I love the applique circles..........what a creative fix.

  6. Your quilting is spectacular and sooo inspirational. Thank you for sharing!


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