Baby Quilt

I recently finished this quilt for a coworker's new baby.  It's been said I can't do anything "simple" in quilting designs, I think this is proof positive I can!! This is a tube quilt  made from flannel jelly rolls (extremely easy to put together) measures ~46x56, hobbs 80/20 batting and minky backing, quilted with Omni threads.

 As you can see, I hate to throw more into my scrap pile, so I utilized the cut ends of the tubes at the "top" of the quilt.  And the binding is "silky", nice tactile difference from the flannel, even if it was a pain in the a-- to work with!
 Feathers, feathers, feathers....easy and fast to quilt!
(the back is brown....crappy smartphone picture) Don't you just love all that texture!
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  1. That looks so nice and snuggly. Love your feathers, you've really mastered them!.


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