Getting Back to work!

Wow!  It's been a long time since my last post!  I have been busy with client quilts... and I was able to sneak down to Marco Island FLORIDA! for a week!  Getting out of the cold and lying on the beach in 85* weather was just what I needed!  I must admit though, it feels weird being back in Wisconsin with the snow and cold and having a little sunburn :)

This is a Quilt of Valor quilt I did for Evelyn... 


 I tried a new design....squares

The backing fabric is soooo cool, but the busy bubbles makes it hard to see the quilting...

Thanks for stopping by, hopefully I can get more pictures uploaded in the next couple of days.  Have a great weekend.


  1. I love that square design. Your certainly diving into the challenges of custom quilting!!! It really looks lovely, good on you. Look forward to seeing your pictures.


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