Quilt Diva

Back in April I started my Quilt Diva, which is an Amy Butler pattern and I have finally got her completed...well almost, I still need to hand stitch (ugh!) her thread spool necklace.  And don't think I haven't seriously contemplated using a black sharpie marker to draw that necklace in! Because I really have...that's how much I hate to hand sew!  However, I have resisted that urge and will put my big girl panties on and thread a needle and sew a fine line to finish this gal up.  trust me.... ;)

Now beyond all that, I used a cotton/poly batting with Scrim.  You'd think in over 20 years of quilting I would have used a scrim batting before but I hadn't and I don't think I missed much.  The quilt feels stiff, as a wallhanging I guess that's a good thing, but I just wasn't impressed with scrim. The quilting is freehand, no marking.  Threads were glide and monopoly for the applique.  I need a tool that assists in keeping my longarm needle where I want it - like right against the applique...or maybe I should just spring for those darn expensive microhandles! ($300)

and without further ado.....Quilt Diva.... I think she looks like me :)

forgive her wrinkly appearance...I took her for show and tell at my last quilt guild meeting and left her wadded up in my bag! oops!


  1. She's a real beauty! I love that background quilting, it really makes her standout. Glad to see you tried out the Glide thread.

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    1. thanks Jess! It was a fun project, kinda reminded me of playing dress up with dolls as I tried to coordinate her clothes and accessories! :) She'll hang in my sewing room to keep me company!


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