Pictures from Chicago International Quilt Show

Just a few more pictures from the Chicago Quilt Show.... (apologies for lack of quilt maker names, if you recognize any quilt and know the maker, let me know and I'll add their names) ...thanks to Sandi from a few have now been correctly identified! :)

The colors in this quilt were incredibly striking and the piecing was so precise....gorgeous..
Bedazzled by Lois Sprague 
It's hard to see in this picture, but this quilt has tons! of beads and crystals and was so sparkly under the lights
At Sunset/At Sunrise by Gabrielle Paquin 
This one is actually two pieces, I love the design
Wrath by Diane Firth 
Very eye catching, the colors just drew me in....
The flowers are three dimensional and stand out beautifully
Zinnias Three by Jean Smith
50th Anniversary Quilt made by Cindy Ladig


  1. #2 is Bedazzled by Lois Sprague
    #3 is At Sunset/At Sunrise by Gabrielle Paquin
    #4 is Wrath by Diane Firth

    I don't think I took pictures of the other two unidentified ones. I love digital cameras - now I take a photo of the quilt followed by a photo of the description sheet with the name and maker.


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