Chicago International Quiltfest 2013

I am so very excited! for 2 reasons....this weekend me and 3 of my very close friends are having a Girls Weekend!!! Getting us all together has gotten to be challenging over the past few years so I am excited this is really happening.  We are going to Spring Green's Art Fair, then the American Players Outdoor Theatre to see Hamlet and then tent camping! Now 2 of my friends are princess's, so tent camping may be a stretch for them, but enough wine should help them adjust :)  The only questionable part is the fact Wisconsin has become a rain forest this year and there is a 50% chance of thunderstorms, ughhh! but enough wine should help us all adjust! :)

The second reason for my excitement; I attended the Chicago International Quiltfest last Friday.  Now this was no cow-town quilt show! I felt like I was walking into an art museum! Spectacular quilts! I could have taken a picture of each and every one! here's a few I captured....Enjoy!

hand painted and thread embellished tropical bird I believe made by Helen Godden (?)

Fractured vintage pickup - Mabel 1952 REO by Susan Crane. 

Fantasy Seedpods by Elizabeth Camping

Natural Wonders by Kathy McNeil

Make You Happy - Birgit Aubeso Bell-Lloch

The General - again I failed to note the maker (sorry)

 Gathering of Geckos by Sherry Driver

Hula Hibiscus by Lisa Calle

Have a great weekend! Coming Soon - many more quilt pictures from the Chicago Quilt-fest!


  1. Wasn't the show fantastic?!! I must have missed a section, because I didn't see that portrait by Birgit Aubeso Bell-Lloch. It's gorgeous! The truck quilt is called Mabel - 1952 REO by Susan Cane. (I have a Flickr set of my photos and the tags that accompanied them.) I hope the weather cooperates for you. Sunday should be nice, at least.

    1. Thanks! (for the information on Mabel) The theatre nite was stormy!! about an hour into the show it down-poured! they called an intermission for ~30minutes, then it cleared and the show went on! I enjoyed the play but 4 hours was a bit much for this always moving girl!


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