Jungle babies

I saw this cute little jungle baby quilt on Pinterest and went in search for the pattern, it comes from the book "Quilts, bibs, blankies...oh my!" by Kim Schaefer.  I modified the quilt somewhat and it turned out adorable.  Just pulled it off the rack yesterday, it still needs animal eyes and binding.  It measures ~46x46, batting Hobbs 80/20 and flannel back.  During the entire quilting process I experienced tension issues, too much, too little, thread shredding, it was very frustrating! I'd hate to be one of those quilters who limits themselves to one kind of thread but I certainly see the advantage of doing that! This quilt was made for a co-worker who is expecting her first baby...I hope she likes it! :)   (despite some eyelashes on the back! oops)

 And on another note, here's a picture of my son, Westin who graduated Friday from the State of Wisconsin Department of Corrections Officer Academy! I'm very proud of his accomplishments, he's graduated from college, now from the academy and in July he turns 21~~~! Also pictured is my greatest fan...my husband, Steve.  He thinks everything I do is amazing!! :)


  1. You've been busy! Just caught up with your blog, .... your doing some amazing work. Love the "Jamacian me crazy". Must have been a thrill to be recognised for your work. Well done.

    1. Thank you Judy for your lovely comments, as always I'm far to critical of my own work!


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