Journey to the Stars published

Just got a peek of my quilt, published in an art calendar! YaY!!!
This was posted by Margaret Solomon-Gunn on facebook:
Susan Hogue ya go. Here's our quilt. I especially love that is opens onto the page with my birthday too
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I'm very excited to see my quilt published in the Quilt Arts Engagement Calendar 2014, apparently listed in the month of May.  I've yet to receive a copy and was pleasantly surprised this morning to see it listed on facebook.  I pieced this quilt last year and shipped off to Margaret for quilting, she is such an artist~the quilting is phenomenal! 


  1. How exciting!! What a wonderful achievement!

  2. Beautiful! It reminds me of some of Judy Mathieson's quilts. Any chance you'll be publishing the pattern? Betcha you'd sell a bunch of copies - starting with me!! :)

  3. Where can I I find the pattern for this?


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