Full Swing Modern Quilt

Earlier this week I posted my Full Swing quilt and decided to try quilting a pantograph E2E design called Feathered Fun.  The quilt measures ~66x66, hobbs 80/20 for batting and glide thread was used.  By the way the quilt pattern is available as a free download from the Fat Quarter website designed by Rachel Griffith from P.S. IQuilt, and Feathered Fun by Lisa Calle is a pantograph available for purchase on Stonehouse Quilting.

The quilting went pretty fast, but it was just crazy working from the back of the machine! seems like I was continually stopping and looking!  This is the first pantograph I've attempted since I purchased my longarm in August so I guess it's not too shabby for the first one.  I don't think panto's will ever be my favorites...to much eye strain/fatigue

 and the back....the great thing about modern quilts is how you can use all the scrap on the back design.  No extra fabric here went into my scrap stash pile :)

Thanks for stopping by...have a nice day.