Daily Double! Two Blue Ribbons!

Wow! I'm just floating on cloud nine today!  I won First Place on both quilts, Jamaican Me Crazy and Labyrinth at the QuiltFest on the Mississippi in Lacrosse Wisconsin.  I seriously was not going to enter either of these quilts into any other shows, but my son was very disappointed I didn't enter his soon to be labyrinth quilt into the Sun Prairie Heritage Quilt Show...so I searched for another show and entered it and thought "what the hell" and put Jamaican me crazy in as well.  Surprise! I couldn't believe I took 1st place for both quilts! Of course I told my greatest fan (husband, Steve) who wanted to go "No, you don't need to go, I'm sure I'm not winning anything on either of these"...boy was he pissed at me when he found out that I took 2 first place ribbons and he wasn't there to cheer, take pictures and talk to everyone.  Anyway, the show was very nice, as always there are spectacular quilts to inspire and wonderful people to talk to. 

This is what happens when a stranger takes a picture with an unfamiliar camera--Fuzzy....

Better picture, different stranger, actually he asked me to stop talking and moving! lol

Yep! I got prove! 2 Blue Ribbons!

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice week!


  1. Fantastic news! You must be wrapped to the eyeballs...........what a great confidence builder that has been. congratulations, and hopefully this is the first of many more ribbons.

    1. Thanks Judy! I am pretty excited! and "wrapped to the eyeballs" lol!! :)


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