WIP - Jamaican Me Crazy

Ok...I'm done trying to soak this thing into submission....it's been soaking in cold water with color catchers and synthrapol for 4 days.  I've used 1 1/2 boxes of color catchers, 1 bottle of Shout, and 2 tide stain remover pens....It's over and I didn't win.  There are still traces of aqua blue in the creamy whites and the light tans.  In the center I used a braided cord and parts of that is also blue, I spent considerable time working on this area to remove the color but to no avail.....so now I need to get creative with embellishments to cover problem areas.

I put my nightmare on blocking foam, and found in addition to the color issues, the borders are WAVY! ugh

Jamaican ME CRAZY!