S/p Quilt Con

For some people the world is black and white....for me it's filled with shades of gray.  

Quilt Con Show/Modern Quilting...  I think the quilting world has gotten a real boost from the modern quilting movement.  New quilters have been born and veteran quilters have been inspired.  Not only that however, it has taken quilting into a different arena...perhaps one that not all people are comfortable with or knowledgeable about and that is Art.  In my opinion, quilts are ART! any quilt.

I recently posted a comment on FB regarding a "Give A Fuck" quilt displayed at Quilt Con (this was a collaborative effort quilt and you can read more about the making of this quilt from the designer herself at *cauchycomplete.wordpress.com) I stated this would be a quilt I would make for my son, as it's his favorite word. The flurry of comments and follow up blog postings is amazing but not unexpected.  For centuries Art has been surrounded by controversy as well as the potential for censorship.  The attraction of Art has always been mirrored by it's power to cause controversy.  From Picasso's Modernism to the Dada movement to surrealism to Warhol's abstract expressionalism all have given rise to debates in art forms.  Some Art incites censorship, (such as the Sensation art exhibit) and I feel Quilters, just like Artists, need to be careful, we need to respect others work and support freedom of expression.