WIP - labyrinth quilt

This is my WIP - the labyrinth quilt.  I made this for my son as a Christmas present but didn't have time to quilt it.  

The borders are done!! and I've started the center areas. (Louie likes it)

I quilted feathers in the cream areas and then just for fun I did some hyperquilting in a contrasting thread, at first I wasn't really sure I liked it..but it's growing on me, kinda reminds me of ferns.  I'm not sure what to do for the center star and those last center borders...I'm open to suggestions.  So far the quilting seems "structured" and "formal", I would like to do something more free form but wonder if it would look appropriate with the rest of the quilt.  Ideas???

C feathers are quilted in two borders along with the arcs, crosshatching and then those little eggs and darts, they were super easy along the width of the quilt, but going up along the sides was a pain in the ass!! I debated on turning the quilt, but decided that was way too much work, so instead I'd quilt an egg/dart and roll back and forth, ugh!
Ok, that's all, thanks for looking!! :)


  1. My goodness!! You've taken to Longarm quilting like a duck takes to water!! Your very talented,....... your going ahead in leaps and bounds. I just looked through your blog, and I thought to myself "this lady is going to be a natural"........... I look forward to seeing more of your work!

    1. Thank you Furball Farm! and thank you for your tutorial on C-feathers! I feel the borders turned out nicely! :)


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