"Easy Peasy"???

Pinterest.  Beautiful pictures, talented people...apparently I'm not one of them.  I do have a pinterest account, I don't really utilize it as most people do, however I found myself looking at some gorgeous cathedral window quilts.  This lead me to a blogsite with a tutorial proclaiming these quilts are "easy peasy" to make.  Well, who can go wrong with "easy peasy"!!!?? I'm in!  In the beginning, it was easy, just folding and ironing fabric, but then the joining construction started and so did my headaches.  Points not matching up! ughhhhh! totally frustrating, but I keep pushing through, to make at least enough for pillow, 5 hours (yes, I said FIVE HOURS) later the stupid thing is done and I will never do another one! To add insult to injury I decided to do free motion feathers for the back of the pillow, since I've got the labyrinth quilt on the longarm, I figured I could get those sewn up quickly on my DSM, yikes! how soon you forget! my stitch length is all over the place, feathers look crappy.  Sewing confidence at an all time low :(