Green eggs and ham? You bet!!

I know this has nothing to do with quilting, but I must share! I have chickens and my last set of girls (7 of them) were eaten by two fox. It was terrible! the girls used to follow me around in the yard and would love when I was digging in the gardens, because I would always toss them worms and bugs. My husband and I grew quite fond of them so, we started again, this time with easter eggers (Americauna chickens), my co-worker purchased 12 of them mail order and I took 6 of them. they usually start laying around 6-8 months and they don't lay unless they have at least 14 hours of daylight, which in the Wisconsin winters sunlight is lacking! but this morning much to my surprise one of my girls gave me a beautiful green egg!!! (I placed a store bought white egg next to it for comparison)

 Aren't they cute?! :)  I love my chickens and fresh eggs!