Bear Paw Quilted!

A couple weeks ago I took a sewing vacation and had huge expectations in completing so much more than what I actually did--- but I did find time this past week getting the bear paw quilted.  This is a quilt I started in 2001, when my son went off to boyscout camp for the weekend, I never finished it because of a remark a sales person made regarding the colors, that comment squashed my confidence and I threw the quilt into a closet.  Now my son has been away for over a year working with Americorps and is coming home this weekend, so as things come full circle, I finished quilting the bear paw for his return! It turned out rather nicely.  It was also a great learning quilt, as it has ruler work, free motion fillers, applique and free handed feathers.

This quilt measures approximately 65x82

 If you look closely, I have red piping going around the outer edge, it looked lovely on the quilt but the LA hopping foot wouldn't allow me to get close in sewing, so lesson learned...not a technique I would do again
 more feathers :) em!

 learning to quilt motifs and McTavished a border

and of course the back..... the backing is grey flannel and it doesn't show the quilting very well, but it makes for a very soft feeling quilt

 I know I posted pictures of this little hearty quilt, but the lighting on my previous pictures weren't that great so I thought I'd try it again, the texture from the free-handed feathers is so spectacular but it just doesn't seem to capture in the pictures...
(this quilt measures ~60x60, cottons with flannel backing, 80/20 batting)

 and the back.... :)  you can really see the trapunto hearts...
I have the day off today and am hoping to get some work done on Jamaican Me Crazy will keep you posted!  (and as you can see, I still have binding to do on both of these quilts!) Have a good Sunday!


  1. Hello Susan, I work with your sister Cheryl. She tipped me off to your blog. I absolutely love both quilts in this post. Your colors and piecing and applique are beautiful and then there's the added dimension of the quilting. Gorgeous!! Chris

  2. Hi Chris, thank you for your lovely comments! It's funny my son couldn't wait to get his bear paw quilt, I had to finish the binding rather quickly for him, I guess I just didn't expect that kind of response...really wish I had finished this one a long time ago....BTW the heart quilt..still no binding! :)


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