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This year is nearly over and I know many people will post lovely personal stories and pictures of their accomplishments during these past 12 months and I love to read them; but as I sit here in the late quiet hours of the night looking back over my 2014 I'll be glad to see it gone.  I've neglected my blogsite for months on end, hopeful the black cloud will lift...

February was the beginning of a cold, by April I could barely breath.  I became hypoxic, was instructed by my physician to walk no more than 5 feet.  Prednisone for 5 weeks, albuterol nebs every four hours for a month and more doctor appointments in 3 months than I've had for 20 years of my life.  I tried to work, one night I saved a 250lb patient from falling, which lead to a back injury.  I went on FMLA for 3 weeks.  Seeing my family MD, an allergist and a spine specialist, physical therapy, thoracic MRI.  I also suffered marital dysfunction during this time and started family/marital counseling.  Breathing became easier, marital stress relieved but I became acutely aware of muscle fasciculation and spasms in my legs.  Referrals were made to rule out MS or ALS.  Brain MRI was normal.  Electromyography/Central Nervous System testing was performed.  Connected to electrodes the neurologist inserted 12 needles into muscle bundles and sent varying degrees of shocks into the muscles to record response.  I passed and thanked God I do not have MS or any other insidious muscle dysfunction disease.  Calling it post-viral myopathy or steroid induced myopathy...hmm..use big words when there's unknown etiology.

Summer passed by without notice as I was either working or at a scheduled doctor appointment.  My son had a motorcycle accident late August.  He laid his bike down going around a curve doing 70mph.  His friend told me he saw him lying on the highway median and was sure he was dead.  Knee abrasion to the bone, coccyx fracture, ankle talus fracture.  Road rash from buttock cleft to rectum with perianal hematoma.  The hospital wanted to admit him for observation, but he tells them "my mom's a nurse, she can take care of me".  Really?!  He literally tore himself a new a--hole.  Between the buttock and knee, it took me an hour every day for dressing changes.  He will not be able to return to work until the end of December.  He must have a guardian angel, after viewing his totaled bike and the accident site, he's lucky to be alive. 

Fall arrived.   In September, my wildland firefighting son came back home safely.  In October, my 10 month old grandson burned his hand on the gas fireplace and was admitted to the UW Hospital Burn unit for 2 days.  Dressing changes performed under sedation, wearing a compression glove he healed amazingly and will have full function of his hand. 

The most devastating occurred on October 12, a Sunday night while I was at work, my husband called and said he had "bad news".  My sister, Cheryl's husband Tony died when he fell out of his deer stand while he was bowhunting.  He was 51 years old.  I'm not sure how helpful I was to my sister, but we planned and I stood by her during his funeral, visitation, church service, obituaries, music selections, pall bearers, and cremation.  She is a strong, goodhearted woman who was thankful to share 8 incredibly happy years with Tony.  I'm very close to my sister, I love her dearly and worry about her.  Everyday is different for her, some filled with good memories and feelings and others filled with tears.

November is upon us and Christmas only weeks away.   My children are asking about the holidays and a family get together.  My month is full, my weekends few as I work as an oncology nurse, people need me to be there for them.  No time for Thanksgiving dinner and I'll be working anyway.  I tell my boys we'll have to plan something during the Christmas holiday.

I am thankful for the good in my life...
My health has improved.
My husband is still my number one fan.
My son didn't die in a motorcycle crash
My son didn't die fighting fires (he had 2 very close calls this season).  So far, 73 wildland firefighters have died and won't be coming home from this fire season.

But I'm ready to put 2014 behind me


  1. Hang in there Susan, you've definitely had alot to deal with but your here and things have got to get better, hurry up 2015!!

  2. Well I wrotea long comment and lost it. Maybe I can remember some of it. OMG you have had a rough year. I thought I had had a bad year with my surgery and family illness but you have mine beat. Stay strong. you will be in my thoughts and prayers.


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