Thursday, January 17, 2013

WIP - labyrinth quilt

This is my WIP - the labyrinth quilt.  I made this for my son as a Christmas present but didn't have time to quilt it.  

The borders are done!! and I've started the center areas. (Louie likes it)

I quilted feathers in the cream areas and then just for fun I did some hyperquilting in a contrasting thread, at first I wasn't really sure I liked it..but it's growing on me, kinda reminds me of ferns.  I'm not sure what to do for the center star and those last center borders...I'm open to suggestions.  So far the quilting seems "structured" and "formal", I would like to do something more free form but wonder if it would look appropriate with the rest of the quilt.  Ideas???

C feathers are quilted in two borders along with the arcs, crosshatching and then those little eggs and darts, they were super easy along the width of the quilt, but going up along the sides was a pain in the ass!! I debated on turning the quilt, but decided that was way too much work, so instead I'd quilt an egg/dart and roll back and forth, ugh!
Ok, that's all, thanks for looking!! :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Easy Peasy"???

Pinterest.  Beautiful pictures, talented people...apparently I'm not one of them.  I do have a pinterest account, I don't really utilize it as most people do, however I found myself looking at some gorgeous cathedral window quilts.  This lead me to a blogsite with a tutorial proclaiming these quilts are "easy peasy" to make.  Well, who can go wrong with "easy peasy"!!!?? I'm in!  In the beginning, it was easy, just folding and ironing fabric, but then the joining construction started and so did my headaches.  Points not matching up! ughhhhh! totally frustrating, but I keep pushing through, to make at least enough for pillow, 5 hours (yes, I said FIVE HOURS) later the stupid thing is done and I will never do another one! To add insult to injury I decided to do free motion feathers for the back of the pillow, since I've got the labyrinth quilt on the longarm, I figured I could get those sewn up quickly on my DSM, yikes! how soon you forget! my stitch length is all over the place, feathers look crappy.  Sewing confidence at an all time low :(  

Monday, January 7, 2013

labyrinth quilt

This past weekend I was diagnosed with pneumonia, I've started taking antibiotics and prednisone, too bad I still feel like shit! Cough, Cough, Cough! Tomorrow I go back to work so today I'm going to act like a healthy know shower, put on real clothes (instead of my jammies), not take 3 naps, eat real food instead of soup and tea and try to accomplish something.  That something is this post....I wanted to share the progress on my son's Christmas gift the labyrinth quilt.  It is a great quilt for quilting because of all the open areas, which also makes it a challenging quilt to quilt, because there are so many possibilities!  I've spent lots of time drawing out designs even my husband made the comment "All you do is draw!"  Then I get downstairs, view the quilt and as the great Leah Day says "KISS" (Keep It Simple Stupid).  For the outer most border, I opted for C-feathers, the next border is leafy arcs with curved crosshatching.  Maybe today I can get a little quilting done....or maybe I'll just go lay back down :(

 Yeah, I know my pebbles suck, hopefully I'll get better by the time I'm done with this quilt, but right now I'm just too sick to care...