Sewing room update

I have been hard at work re-organizing and reclaiming sewing and quilting space.  I'm sharing a few pictures of my progress.  It's a real improvement from the before photos.  My husband needs to put up my light fixture and place a melamine top for my cutting table and I'm calling it done.  The sewing room is nearing to finish the quilting room!

       "BEFORE"  ouch....

And Ta-Da! AFTER!!!!......
The armoir holds a ton of all organized by color :)

The two cabinets are my future cutting table, just waiting for the table top....
 My sewing table measures 4' x4', which is smaller than I had before, but I'm not quilting on my domestic sewing machine any longer so I felt this would serve quite nicely.

 Too much cleaning....I need to sew and quilt something!

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a good week.


  1. Wonderful!!! Now I'd be to scared to use it, as I know what I have to do to get it tidy again. Truth be told, I suspect sewing rooms all over the world would be in constant chaos!! It's the sign of creativity. Love the space you have for sewing, my table is cluttered, and I need to move the clutter from the table.

  2. Yes, it's tidy, now, that's not done yet... (LOL)


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