Sewing area make-over

You'd think I'd be making some progress on my sewing and quilting areas, but it is slow going! It took over 1 week to paint the sewing room.  Back in 2007 our entire neighborhood flooded.  Now mind you, we're not even in a flood plane and we're located even higher than some of our neighbors, but none the less our basement held about 2 inches of water.  Thankfully FEMA came to the rescue and provided a $200 check to replace all our carpeting, baseboards, sump and foundation repair.  (anyone catching my sarcasm here?)  We've slowly worked on it over the years and it's almost 100% completed, except the drywall had been cut and removed to repair the foundation which had cracked.  So part of my painting included wall repair and I must say I did a damn fine job! I'm loving how my sewing area is shaping up!  Anyway, this is what my quilting area looks like right now, hopefully within the next 2 weeks I can finish painting, get some drywall replaced and re-organized! Hefty goals :)


  1. I was reading and thinking to myself, "Gosh"$200 wouldn't even get a tradesman to my home. LOL Sarcasm, it's a wonderful tool to fend off depression! You certainly have your hands full at the moment, ......... should be worth it all, it usually means your organized for a short while.

    1. Your right Judy, seems like organizing and reorganizing is always taking place. What's good for the moment may not be the solution for the future. Hope to post some "after" pictures soon! :)

  2. Ooooo - I spotted that cute monkey quilt right away! Happy painting.


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