Machine Quilting Today

I went to the Machine Quilting Today Upper Mid-West Show in Oconomowoc yesterday.  It was difficult getting there as I worked the previous night, had a mere 4 hours of sleep with an hour drive to get to a 8 am class.  But it was all worth it! because my first class (2 hours) was Custom Heirloom Quilting with Karen McTavish!! :)  Honestly, I was 10 minutes late for class, but I admire Karen's quilting and there's nothing like taking a class from a quilting legend!  And in my excitement in signing up for classes I failed to realize the actual quilt show and exhibits didn't start until I had 6 hours to fill before my next class, ugh! I met with a fellow quilter, Terri, who also had a few hours between classes, so she and I had lunch together and talked all things quilty.  I took a 30 minute nap in my car, got too hot and decided to drive around downtown Oconomowoc with the AC on, then finally attended my last class (3 hours) with Sue Heinz in her Drawn to Mastery- Sashings that Sizzle.  She did not disappoint, what a great teacher! humorous, engaging, and helpful.  You know some people just have the gift of teaching and some don't, if you ever get an opportunity to take one of her classes I would highly recommend doing so.  She currently has 4 books published and I would love to own a couple of them, unfortunately she did not have them for sale in her class :(  The show continues until Aug 3 (Saturday) I may be able to sneak away one day this week and go see the quilt exhibits, but for now all my grown up responsibilities are demanding my attention.

And it just wouldn't be a quilty blog if I didn't post a few WIP pictures...
I have had this fabric for over a year and was waiting to beta test a pattern for a wonderfully talented lady, but haven't heard from her in over 4 months...tired of waiting so I am attempting to recreate one of her designs with a few twists of my own.  Unfortunately, having waited so long I'm afraid I may not have enough fabric and of course it is now out of "print" (so to speak)  Anyway, here it is....

Another WIP, ready for quilting... is my Quilt Diva! Ain't she cute???!! It's an Amy Butler pattern and I think it turned out adorable! She'll be hanging in my work space soon!

On another completely unrelated note.... my son and his girlfriend (Cary and Stephanie) created this cute little watermelon and fruit salad in the shape of a grill! (so pinterest does work sometimes), they filled the bottom of the "grill" with cherries to look like charcoal and there were ~20 skewers of fruit kabobs in addition to the ones placed on the "grill".  Very cute! and delicious!